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Big Brother Gameplay
Description A group of houseguests that pledge to work together.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 2 - onwards

An alliance is a duo or group that are loyal to each other in Big Brother. These groups can prove to be very dominative and can seize control in a game if they manage to get a majority. Many times, members of an alliance will "defect" in order to increase their placings or if they feel betrayed by members of an alliance.

Alliances By SeasonEdit

Big Brother 2Edit

Big Brother 3Edit

Big Brother 4Edit

Big Brother 5Edit

Big Brother 6Edit

Big Brother 7Edit

Big Brother 8Edit

Big Brother 9Edit

  • Team Christ
  • Team Pink / The Evil Doers (What Natalie called them)

Big Brother 10Edit

Big Brother 11 Edit

Big Brother 12Edit

Big Brother 13Edit

Big Brother 14Edit

Big Brother 15Edit

Big Brother 16 Edit

Big Brother 17 Edit

Big Brother 18 Edit

Big Brother: Over The Top Edit

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