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America's Favorite Houseguest
Fan Favorite Award
Big Brother Gameplay
Description A prize awarded to a houseguest that America voted to be their "favorite".
Appearance(s) Jury:
Big Brother All-Stars
Big Brother 9
Big Brother 10
All Houseguests:
Big Brother 11 - onwards

The America's Favorite Houseguest (previously known as America's Favorite Juror) is an award given out during the finale of Big Brother seasons, starting with Big Brother All Stars. Originally, the prize was only limited to jury members in Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother 'Til Death Do You Part, and Big Brother 10, where it was called the America's Choice Jury Prize. Since Big Brother 11, all houseguests are eligible to win the prize and Fan Favorite Award was been changed to America's Favorite Houseguest. The winner of the award receives $25,000. Viewers can currently vote for whom they wish to win via online.

List of America's Favorite Houseguest WinnersEdit

Season Fan Favorite Winner Percentage Runner-Up Prize
Big Brother 1 Award Nonexistent
Big Brother 2
Big Brother 3
Big Brother 4
Big Brother 5
Big Brother 6
Big Brother 7 Janelle Pierzina 24.7% Will Kirby $25,000
Big Brother 8 None
Big Brother 9 James Zinkand 20.5% Sheila Kennedy $25,000
Big Brother 10 Keesha Smith 25.8% Jerry MacDonald
Big Brother 11 Jeff Schroeder 32.1% Unknown
Big Brother 12 Britney Haynes 24.8% Enzo Palumbo
Big Brother 13 Jeff Schroeder 36.2% Unknown
Big Brother 14 Frank Eudy 21.6% Ian Terry
Big Brother 15 Elissa Slater 29.6% Judd Daugherty
Howard Overby
Big Brother 16 Donny Thompson 52.7% Nicole Franzel
Zach Rance
Big Brother 17 James Huling Unknown John McGuire
Jason Roy
Big Brother 18 Victor Arroyo Unknown James Huling
Natalie Negrotti


  • Jeff Schroeder is the only player to win the award twice.
  • The award was not given in Big Brother 8 due to the America's Player twist.
  • Victor Arroyo is the first houseguest that was evicted pre-jury to have received the award, although he returned to the game later on and made it to the jury stage.
    • Howard Overby and Jason Roy are the only known permanently evicted pre-jury houseguests to be the runner-up for the award.
  • Elissa Slater is currently the only female recipient of the award not to be blonde.
  • Jason Roy is the only known runner-up that is LGBT.
  • Sheila Kennedy was the first known female runner-up for this award. She was followed by Nicole Franzel of Big Brother 16 and Natalie Negrotti of Big Brother 18.
  • Ian Terry is the only finalist to either win or be the runner up for the award.
    • Nicole Franzel, winner of Big Brother 18 was the runner up of the award in her original season on Big Brother 16, but not during 18.
  • Donny Thompson is the oldest houseguest to receive the award.
    • He also received the highest percentage of any houseguest to win the award, receiving over 5 million votes out of 10 million.
    • He also has the lowest finish (8th) in the history for a winner.
  • Big Brother 16 had the most votes for America's Favorite Houseguest, with over ten million.
  • The top-three vote-getters in Big Brother 18 were all minorities, with one of them being Asian-American (James is Korean) and the other two being Hispanic-American (Victor is Puerto Rican and Natalie is Venezuelan).
    • Ironically, Natalie was in a showmance with both Victor and James, at two separate points making it the first and second time that a showmance has made it into the top-three together.

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