Area 51 Alliance
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 15
Members Amanda Zuckerman
McCrae Olson
Helen Kim
Andy Herren
Elissa Slater
Judd Daugherty
Jessie Kowalski
Aaryn Gries
GinaMarie Zimmerman
Howard Overby
Candice Stewart
Spencer Clawson
Votes Against 9
HoH Wins 8
Times Nominated 9
Veto Wins 10
Lowest Placing Member Howard Overby (12/16)
Highest Placing Member Andy Herren (1/16)

The Area 51 Alliance (or The House Alliance) was an alliance in Big Brother 15. It was formed in Week 1 to counter the The Blonde-Tourage The alliance is also known for it's strict loyalty of it's members, should one member of the alliance tries to switch the eviction plan or conspire against other members, that person will be immediately targeted.






In Week 1, Amanda Zuckerman pitched the idea to McCrae Olson in keeping Elissa Slater in the house in order to control the MVP nominee. McCrae agreed to the idea and told his then alliance The Moving Company about the plan and agreed to it. Amanda recruited then outsiders Andy HerrenHelen Kim and Judd Daugherty in order to gain the majority of the house. Moving Company members Spencer Clawson and Howard Overby joined in on the plan and The Blonde-Tourage was blindsided with David Girton being evicted with 7-5-0 Vote.

The Dramatic Flip

Aaryn Gries later won the following Head of Household competiton, out for revenge she targeted Elissa and put Elissa alongside her closest ally Helen. Elissa later won her second MVP in a row and discussed with Helen on who should she put up as the MVP nom. It was later revealed that Jeremy was the MVP nominee, but Jeremy later won the POV. Elissa was contemplaining on putting Kaitlin Barnaby up as the replacement MVP nominee, but Candice Stewart wanted her to put up Nick Uhas in the idea that there was a boys-alliance running the house. Elissa was hesitant at first but later agreed when Nick didn't gave Elissa a straight answer when she asked if she would put up Kaitlin he would keep her safe, this led Elissa to believe Nick wouldn't keep her safe so she decided to put her as the MVP replacement nominee. This would have been the final nail in Elissa's coffin, however thanks to Amanda and Helen's strong campaigning, Elissa and Judd getting Jessie Kowalski to defect from The Blonde-Tourage, and McCrae's contention with The Moving Company's desire to target Amanda, the majority of the votes shifted to Nick. Hours before the eviction, Helen spilled the beans to Spencer that they had the votes to evict Nick, which led Howard and Spencer to defect from The Moving Company. The Blonde-Tourage was once again blindsided with Nick being voted out by 7-4-0 Vote.

Rise to Power

Helen later won the following Head of Household, which put the Area 51 Alliance in control. The aftermath of Nick's eviction led to numerous confrontations and arguements, especially when Aaryn flipped Candice's matress which made Aaryn the main target. McCrae quickly came clean about the Moving Company Alliance, while Spencer and Howard took a while to reveal the truth which caused the Area 51 Alliance to turn against the two of them. Helen later nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction with the intent of backdoring Jeremy McGuire. Elissa won her third MVP in a row, Amanda campaigned for Elissa to put up Howard as the MVP nominee, but Elissa stated the she couldn't put up Howard and instead put up Spencer. This caused tension between the alliance which led Amanda, Andy, Judd and McCrae to form an alliance called The Goof Troupe which later expanded to create a sub-alliance called The Knockouts which consisted the four members of The Goof Troupe and Helen and Elissa. Kaitlin later won the POV, and was pressured by members of the alliance to use it on herself in hopes of backdooring Jeremy. Kaitlin decided to use the POV on herself and Jeremy was named as the replacement nominee. Jeremy was successfully backdoored by a 9-1-0 Vote.

Judd went on to win the following Head of Household, and was pressured by Amanda to put up Howard. But Judd in fear of an all girls-alliance nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin up on the block. Spencer and Howard with the idea of Amanda, Elissa, Helen and McCrae were running the house, formed an alliance with GinaMarie Zimmerman, Kaitlin and Judd with the goal of overthrowing the four whom they thought were running the house (Young Grasshoppers).Elissa was later nominated by the MVP (America) which caused confusion among the houseguests on who the MVP is. Elissa later won the POV and used it on herself and GinaMarie was named the replacement. Judd later betrayed the Young Grasshoppers Alliance by spreading a rumor that Kaitlin wanted Helen out, when the rumors spread to Helen, Aaryn and Helen made a deal that Aaryn would either throw the next Head of Household competition or let Helen choose her nominations in exchange of evicting Kaitlin instead. Elissa upset with the plan to keep Aaryn, told Kaitlin that she may be going home, this later erupted into a confrontation between Elissa and several houseguests which led some of Elissa's allies to lose trust in her. Kaitlin was evicted by a unanimous vote of 9-0-0.

Pulling The Strings

Aaryn later went on to win the Head of Household Competition, Helen immediately told her that she needed to put up Howard and Spencer. Aaryn later nominated Howard and Spencer, honoring the deal she made with Helen. It was later revealed that Amanda was chosen as the MVP nominee. Spencer later went on to win the POV taking himself of the block, resulting in Aaryn replacing him with Candice. Amanda later suspects that Judd maybe the MVP and stated that he was shady. This resulted into most of the alliance turning on Judd and The Goof Troupe later replaced Judd with Aaryn. Jessie began stirring the pot and suggested to Aaryn and GinaMarie to evict Candice instead of Howard. However Candice told Helen that she thinks they will split the vote and get Aaryn to evict her. Helen later relayed the information to her allies, and they later confronted Aaryn and GinaMarie about this. The two stated that Jessie was the one who suggested the idea, it later resulted with most of Jessie's allies losing trust in her. Howard was evicted by a vote of 7 - 1 - 0.

Turning on each other

GinaMarie went on to win the Head of Household Competiton, and targeted Candice. The alliance wanted GinaMarie to put up Jessie alongside Candice incase Candice wins POV they evict Jessie for her being shady and a "flip flopper" GinaMarie then nominated Jessie and Candice. It was soon later revealed that the MVP (America) nominated Amanda as the thrid nominee. Jessie then won the POV. GinaMarie contemplated putting Elissa as the replacement nominee in order to secure the votes for Candice to leave, but Aaryn was able to convinced GinaMarie to put up Spencer as the replacement nominee. Jessie began a strong campaign in favor of evicting Amanda, but the idea was squashed when Jessie found out she couldn't get the votes. Hours before the eviction Judd and Jessie had a heated confrontation, leading Jessie to lose trust in Judd. The houseguests were later informed that it was a double eviction and the jury will now be a nine person jury and that the MVP twist was over. At the first eviction, Candice was voted out by a unanimous vote. Following Candice's eviction, Aaryn won her third HOH, and immediately nominated Spencer and Jessie. Aaryn later also won the POV. Jessie's fate seemed certain, but because Amanda and Helen were getting suspicous of Judd, Helen convinced Aaryn to use the veto and backdoor Judd. Aaryn used the veto to save Jessie and replaced her with Judd. Judd was evicted by a vote of 7 - 0

Following the double eviction, Andy later won the HOH, Amanda wanted Andy to put up Jessie and get her out but by telling her she's safe until her eviction to blindsde her, but Helen wanted Andy to put up McCrae and Amanda. Andy decided to play it safe and put up Jessie and Spencer, and telling Jessie she was just a pawn but in reality Jessie was the real target. Andy later won the POV, giving him total control. Jessie still thinking she was a pawn, suggested to Andy to backdoor Amanda, Andy did not use the POV, which led Jessie to realize she was the real target. Upon realizing that she was going home, Jessie went on a rampage, exposing to the house that Helen conspired with Jessie and Elissa to get Amanda out during the previous week, thus resulting endangering Helen and Elissa's game. Jessie was unanimously evicted by a 6 - 0 vote.

Aaryn later won her fourth HOH, Amanda wanted her to put up Helen alongside Elissa, with Helen as the main target. Aaryn followed what Amanda wanted her to do and put up Helen and Elissa. Elissa later won the POV and used it on herself and Aaryn put up Spencer as the replacement. Elissa and Helen started a strong campaign in favor of keeping Helen, but despite numerous tries to flip the house, Helen was evicted by 4 - 1 vote. It was later revealed that a juror will have a chance to return in the house and the four jurors and the six houseguests will compete for Head of Household.

Elissa later won the Head of Household competition and Judd came back into the house. Elissa made it her priority to see that Aaryn is evicted and suggested to Amanda to put one from McCranda alongside Aaryn, Amanda wasn't happy woth the suggestion and pushed for GinaMarie to be on the block alongside Aaryn. Elissa didn't follow Amanda and nominated Aaryn and McCrae. Elissa later hatched a plan, should Aaryn come off the block she will backdoor Amanda, she gathered the support of Aaryn, Judd and GinaMarie. But the plan failed because Amanda won POV. Later, Amanda hatched a plan to get Elissa to put up GinaMarie as the rplacements in the hopes of 3AM to remain intact, Andy tried to get Elissa to put up GinaMarie as the replacement, but Elissa promised GinaMarie she was not going to put up GinaMarie as a rplacement nominee. Amanda used the POV on McCrae and Elissa put up Andy in order to severe the 3AM alliance. Later that week, Andy, GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer formed the "Exterminators Alliance" to finally take out McCranda and Elissa. Aaryn was evicted by a vote 5 - 0.

GinaMarie went on to win her second Head of Household Competiton, Amanda quickly went to GinaMarie to have her put up Elissa, GinaMarie agreed to Amanda but in reality GinaMarie was going to put up Amanda and McCrae. At the Nomination Ceremony, Amanda and McCrae found themeselves on the block together. At the POV Competiton McCrae won the competition, he debated in using the POV on himself or Amanda, ultimately he used the POV on himself and Spencer was the replacement nominee. Just days before the eviction, in a surprise turn of events Elissa changed uer mind and decided to keep Amanda, and informed this to Andy, Amanda and McCrae, this gave Andy the idea to frame Elissa should McCrae win HOH. It was announced that it was a double eviction and Amanda was evicted with a 2 - 2 tie vote with GinaMarie breaking the tie. McCrae later won the following HOH comp, and Andy framed Elissa for the missing vote which led McCrae to put up Elissa and GinaMarie. Judd later won POV and despite pleas from Elissa, Judd did not use the POV and Elissa was the evicted with a 3 - 0 vote.

Following the double eviction, Spencer won the following Head of Household Competion, and nominated GinaMarie as a pawn and McCrae as the main target. However McCrae went on to win the POV meaning an Exterminator had to be sacrificed, Judd suggested to Spencer to get Andy out, but Spencer refused, this led Judd to realize he was going home and went on a rampage. McCrae used the veto on himself and Judd was the replacement nominee. Judd was evicted once again by 3 - o vote.

Andy went on to win Head of Household and nominated McCrae and Spencer in the hopes of finally taking out McCrae. Andy later won the final POV. McCrae suggested to Andy to backdoor GinaMarie, but Andy wasn't budging. Hours before the eviction the Exterminators revealed the allaince to McCrae. Andy deciding to not use the veto and GinaMarie casted the sole vote to evict McCrae.


GinaMarie won the first part of the final HOH Competiton and Andy winning the second part, the two of them competed in the final HOH with Andy emerging as the victor. Andy evicted Spencer and in doing so took GinaMarie to the final 2. Andy ultimately was crowned the winner with a 7 - 2 vote.

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