Backwards Week
BBCAN5 Backwards Week
Big Brother Twists
Description The Eviction process is put in reverse as the houseguests nominate, followed by Veto, followed by the HOH, then a sole vote to evict.
Appearance(s) Big Brother Canada 5

Backwards Week is a twist in Big Brother Canada 5.

How it Works

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The BBCAN Odyssey has hit a wrinkle in time and this week will be played entirely in reverse! One houseguest will still be evicted in next week’s live eviction, just in a very different way. Here is how backwards week will play out:

Thursday, March 30th
At the end of the live eviction show the houseguests will find out that this shockwave will bend time and space, and that this week will start where a normal week would end - with 2 people on the block. That means it's nomination time, and the house will decide the two nominees who will go up on the block.

Monday, April 3rd
Arisa will host a nomination ceremony in which she will reveal the houseguest’s nominees. Following the nomination ceremony, the houseguests will play for the POV. If the POV is used, the house will vote on the replacement nominee.

Wednesday April 5th
In this episode, the final nominees will be named, and the houseguests (minus the final 2 nominees and the outgoing HOH) will battle for the head of household.

Thursday April 6th
In the conclusion to Backwards Week, the HOH will cast the sole vote to evict at the live eviction.

The houseguests will be informed just prior to the HOH comp that the winner of the comp will have the sole vote to evict in the live eviction show next Thursday[1]