Bailey May
PBB Bailey Full
Housemate Profile
Born August 6, 2002 (2002-08-06) (age 15)
Hometown Norfolk, England
Season History
Place 4th (Teen)
Days 141 (91 in house)
Social Media
Twitter OfficialBaileyM
Instagram itsmebailey

Bailey Thomas May is a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: 737's Teen Edition.


Full Name: Bailey Thomas May
Hobbies:Playing Football, Basketball and Rugby, Singing

This Social Media Singing Sensation got his vocal talent from his British dad and Filipina mom who were both singers in a cruise ship when they met. Bailey was born in Cebu, but has been living in the UK with his family since he was 4yo. He’s into sports (football, basketball, rugby), music and girl watching with his friends (Bailey has never had a girlfriend, though).

Throughout their seven years in the UK, Bailey and his family has visited his mom’s relatives in Cebu a few times, exposing Bailey to Filipino culture and dishes. In fact, some of Bailey’s favorite food include munggo and puto. And believe it or not, Bailey eats balut, too! On the other hand, speaking in Filipino (Tagalog and Bisaya) was never really practiced in their household so Bailey only knows “konting” Tagalog and “gamay” na Bisaya, which explains the Filipino dictionary in Bailey’s luggage when we rummaged through the stuff that he’ll be bringing inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. Will his love for Filipino food and his Filipino dictionary be enough to help Bailey adjust and fit in with his other Teen Housemates? Will he be able to prove that he has the heart of the Filipino and deserves to be the next Teen Big Winner? Find out on PBB737 Teen Edition

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: 737

Teen History

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Post Big Brother


Bailey's PR shoot for the Now United in 2017.

  • Just months after Pinoy Big Brother, Bailey released his self-titled album under Star Music.
  • Together with Ylona Garcia, they had their first acting appearance when they joined the TV Series, On the Wings of Love as part of the extended cast later in the series.
  • In 2016, he released various singles.
  • In 2016, together with his loveteam partner, Ylona Garcia they sang O' Pag ibig which was a nominee for the annual Himig Handog song competition.
    • Despite not winning the grand prize, it bagged various special awards the most.
  • Around mid-2017, together with Ylona Garcia and teenstar AC Bonifacio, they were handpicked representatives for the Philippines and were sent to Hollywood for the NowUnited boot camp, spearheaded by the renowned artist manager and Idol Series creator, Simon Fuller. [1]
  • In November 16th 2017, Bailey was announced as the member of the new global pop group, Now United created by Simon Fuller.[2]


  • Bailey, at age 12, became the youngest ever housemate to enter the house in the history of Big Brother worldwide.
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