Bally Balat
Naija Bally
Housemate Profile
Season History
Big Brother Nigeria 2
Place 6th
Nominations Received 4
Times Nominated 4 (Weeks 1, 8, 9 & 10)
Times Saved 1 (Week 8)
Days 70
Social Media

Bobai Bally Balat[1] was a housemate in Big Brother Nigeria 2.


Retrieved from Africa Magic
He works as a Statistician but has plans to start his own digital content creation company. He says he’s doing this because he doesn’t like stagnancy and enjoys rebelling and challenging himself. He adds that it’s one of the reasons why he’s living on his own in Lagos with the rest of his family in Abuja.

He has four siblings and doesn’t really consider himself that important since he’s the middle child. He credits this is as being one of the reasons he’s so chilled and easy going. He’s got a girlfriend but doesn’t really get to see her often because she’s a Lawyer and works long hours.[2]

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