The Big Brother House is the place the House Guests stay in during Big Brother.

Big Brother US

Original House

The original Big Brother House was used in seasons 1 through 5. It was a much smaller house and only 1 floor. The HOH bedroom was located near the Diary Room and the Living Room.

Season 1 - Basic

Season 2 - Modern Contemporary

Season 3 - Modern Contemporary

Season 4 - 70's Retro

Season 5 - Art Nouveau

Current House

The current Big Brother house was introduced in season 6 and is used today. It is much larger, two stories, with the second floor being the HOH suite. The house was refitted with all HD cameras, in 2014.

Season 6 - House of Secrets

Season 7 (All-Stars) - House of Extremes/Heaven vs. Hell/Good vs. Evil

Season 8 - Alice in Wonderland

Season 9 - Lake House

Season 10 - Generations in American History/Contemporary

Season 11 - Southern California/Green

Season 12 - South Beach/Miami

Season 13 - Venice Beach/Inside Out

Season 14 - Tokyo Pop/80's

Season 15 - Mid-Century Modern/Planes

Season 16 - Urban Treehouse

Season 17 - Steel Wave/Modern Beach

Season 18 -  Around the World

Over the Top - Autumn

Season 19 - Summer of Temptation

Celebrity - Los Angeles Skyline/Golden/Sophisticated

Season 20 - TBA

Big Brother Canada

Original House

The original house was used only for season one. The house was mostily on 1 floor with the HoH room and the front door being upstairs. The house is quite unique for a Big Brother house in that the garden is inside with lights being used to simulate day and night. The only outdoor area is a small hot tub area.

Season 1 -  Mid-Century Modern

Current House

The current house was introduced in season 2 and has been used since. Much of the layout is identical (Location of the DR being next to the stairs, the inclusion of the outdoor door area.) This house also has more rooms on the second story (with the main bedroom, bathroom and HoH room being upstairs). This house also has a small room for twists (in season 2, this was the War Room. In season 3, this was the Vault. In season 4, this was the High Rollers Room. In season 5, this was the Bridge). The room is also used for the HoH to make nominations.

Season 2 - Modern/Contemporary/Natural

Season 3 - Industrial/Steampunk

Season 4 - BBCAN Grand (Casino)

Season 5 - BBCAN Odyssey (Space Ship)

Season 6 - TBA

Big Brother UK

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Series 6

Series 7

Series 8

Series 9-Zero Tolerance/Roman

Series 10-Science-Fiction

Series 11-Carnival

Series 12

Series 13- Los Angeles

Series 14- Secrets and Lies/Eco-style

Series 15- Power-Trip

Series 16- Timebomb/Mad Man 60's

Series 17-70's

Series 18-The United Kingdom of Big Brother/Big Brother Village

Celebrity Big Brother UK

Pinoy Big Brother

Season 1 - Pastel

The original Pinoy Big Brother house featured pastel colored walls.

Celebrity Edition 1 - Back to Basics

For the first Celebrity season, the house was still the same used in Season 1 except that the furnitures and the appliances were missing with only bamboo beds, bamboo tables, bamboo benches were present. However after two weeks, Big Brother gave them the furnitures and the appliances they needed after the celebrity housemates adjusted to the basic lifestyle.

Teen Edition 1 - Neon Pop Art

The first teen season's house was refurbished but still used the same floorplan since Season 1. The walls were re-painted and they added pop-art artworks inside the house.

Season 2 - Modern Neon

The house in Season 2 was a result of a house upgrade happened because the house was used as the Academy in Pinoy Dream Academy. They extended the house up to another lot beside it to give space for the classrooms used in the show. As a result, the Pinoy Big Brother house became larger than ever which was evident in Season 2 as it added a Gym area, a large bathroom area, a secret room, a prayer room and an activity area where the housemates perform their tasks and challenges. Season 2 also introduced the Eviction Hall used in PDA as their Concert hall. The Eviction Hall is where the evictions took place rather than infront of the facade used in the previous three seasons.

Celebrity Edition 2 - Opulent Mansion

For the second celebrity edition, they used the same floorplan of Season 2 but with some modifications. The hallway diminished in length and the living area became a bit smaller. while the Gym area can now be found outside the garden. The concept of the house was opulence in contrast to Celebrity Edition 1's back to basic. They also added a Jail cell also called punishment room while they removed the prayer room.

Teen Edition Plus - Modern Moroccan

For second teen season, the house used the modified Season 2 floorplan used in Celebriy Edition 2, but again with some modifications. The swimming pool grew in size and is now a large rectangular, olympic-like pool that almost dominated the whole garden. The garden was now tiled. An adjacent area called Plus Base was also introduced where in the Guardians would live. The Activity Area was moved inside the Eviction Hall and in result, they brought back the evictions infront of the facade of the house. The front doors were brought back again inside the house instead of being in the garden.

Double Up - Gaudi & Van Gogh

The third season of the Civilian series introduced a new twist called Double Up and as part of the twist. The house is now divided into two equal sized houses, both furnished and connected only via the confession room and the storage room. Both houses were inspired by the artworks of two artists. The House A's interiors were inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect while in House B's interiors were inspired by the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

House A - Gaudi

House B - Van Gogh

Teen Clash 2010 - Summer Holiday

Teen Clash's house followed the concept of two houses and refurbished the houses used in Double Up. Both houses were summer themed as Teen Editions were considered the Summer seasons. The House A now became Villa while House B became Apartment.



Unlimited - House of the Social Classes (Slum/Industrial/Luxury)

The house used the Double up floorplan but with modifications. The house was divided into four areas. The slums, the industrial house and the luxury house. The Industrial House didn't have an outdoor area and was completely blocked from the sunlight. While the Luxury house was connected to the Pool in which they first called as the Resort used when the housemates get a reward. It later became part of the luxury house. The slums was located where the original location of the activity area can be found. In Double Up it was used as House B's outdoor area. The Luxury and Industrial houses were connected via secret hallway.

The concept of the houses were about the different rankings of social status by the Filipinos, mainly the Upper Class people, the middle class people and the people below the poverty line.

Slum (Poverty)

Industrial House (Middle Class)

Rich House (Upper Class)

Teen Edition 4 - The Seventies/Big Brother's Teenhood

The Teen Edition 4 used the luxury house's floorplan in the previous season. It was the first season since Teen Edition Plus to have single house. The house was refurbished within a week, the fastest renovation ever in Pinoy Big Brother history. The house concept was the 1970s, it was inspired by Big Brother's teenage years. The activity area was brought back to its original location.

All In - Neo-Modern Pastel

The house's floorplan didn't change since Teen Edition 4. The interior design however was in Neo-Modern design.

737 - Filipino Pop Culture

For the 737 season, the floorplan was tweaked. The bedrooms were larger and its locations resembled those in House A in Double Up. A long hallway that leads to the Confession Room, Storage Room and other secret rooms were added. The concept of the house was Filipino Pop Culture and it introduced the pop-up art.

Season 7 - Philippine Tourism

The Pinoy Big Brother house in Season 7 used the same floorplan in 737. The concept was about the different provinces of the Philippines and featured its scenic locations via wall murals.

Big Brother Australia

Season 1 - Basics

Season 2 - Do-it-Yourself

Season 3 - Square & Round Houses

Square House

Round House


Season 4 - Modern Contemporary

Season 5 - Neon Pop/Sporty