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Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US)

In House
CBBUS1 Small Ariadna
In House
CBBUS1 Small Brandi
In House
CBBUS1 Small James
In House
CBBUS1 Small Marissa
In House
CBBUS1 Small Mark
In House
CBBUS1 Small Metta
CBBUS1 Small Omarosa
In House
CBBUS1 Small Ross
CBBUS1 Small Shannon
CBBUS1 Small Keshia
CBBUS1 Small Chuck

Big Brother Brazil 18

In the house
BBB18 Breno Small
In the house
BBB18 Caruso Small
In the house
BBB18 Diego Small
In the house
BBB18 Gleici Small
In the house
BBB18 Jessica Small
In the house
BBB18 Kaysar Small
In the house
BBB18 Lucas Small
In the house
BBB18 Mahmoud Small
In the house
BBB18 Nayara Small
In the house
BBB18 Patricia Small
In the house
BBB18 Paula Small
In the house
BBB18 Viegas Small
In the house
BBB18 Wagner Small
 Ana Paula
BBB18 AnaPaula Small
BBB18 Jacqueline Small
BBB18 Mara Small
BBB18 Eva Small
BBB18 Jorge Small

Big Brother Croatia 7

Croatia 7 Small Ana
Croatia 7 Small Alena
 Antonio B
In the house
Croatia 7 Small Antonio B
Croatia 7 Small Bojan
Croatia 7 Small Bojana
Secret House
Croatia 7 Small Dubravka
In the house
Croatia 7 Small Juraj
Croatia 7 Small Lucija
 Luka Rok
In the house
Croatia 7 Small Luka Rok
Secret House
Croatia 7 Small Marijan
Secret House
Croatia 7 Small Matija
Croatia 7 Small Nikita
Secret House
Croatia 7 Small Nikola
In the house
Croatia 7 Small Antonio O
Croatia 7 Small Renata
In the house
Croatia 7 Small Tomislav
In the house
Croatia 7 Small Daniel
Croatia 7 Small Antonija
Croatia 7 Small Aleksandar

Big Brother Nigeria 3

In the house
Naija3 Ahneeka
In the house
Naija3 Alex
In the house
Naija3 Angel
In the house
Naija3 Anto
In the house
Naija3 Bambam
In the house
Naija3 Bitto
In the house
Naija3 Cee-C
In the house
Naija3 Dee-One
 Ifu Ennada
In the house
Naija3 Ifu Ennada
In the house
Naija3 K.Brule
In the house
Naija3 Khloe
In the house
Naija3 Leo
In the house
Naija3 Lolu
In the house
Naija3 Miracle
In the house
Naija3 Nina
In the house
Naija3 Princess
 Rico Swavey
In the house
Naija3 Rico Swavey
 Teddy A
In the house
Naija3 Teddy A
Naija3 Tobi
In the house
Naija3 Vandora

Big Brother Wiki Key The 2018 Winners
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Shane J 2018Win
Shane Jenek
Current Current Current Current Upcoming Upcoming

Big Brother Wiki Key BBUK Winner Brian Belo's Blog
Brian BBUK8
We are pleased to have winner of Big Brother 8 (UK) Brian Belo blog for us. Make sure to check him out as he discusses the history and current outlook of Big Brother.

  • Brianbelo8

    Big Brother & Film

    December 24, 2017 by Brianbelo8

    Today is Christmas Eve and Celebrity Big Brother UK have given us all an early Christmas present! A new housemate! They made a press release today of one of the housemates for the 2nd January 2018 live launch. Her name is Rachel Johnson and she is …

    Read more >
  • Brianbelo8

    The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (UK) House Pictures

    The pictures for the new Celebrity Big Brother (UK) house have been released! What can I say, this will be in total the forty-first Big Brother (UK) house in general. I’ve just done the math and we’v…

    Read more >
  • Brianbelo8

    When it comes to weight-training and health & fitness in general. I'll have to be honest; I learned it all from Big Brother Australia! Literally all of it! It's completely mad! As I said in my last blog, I've always been a complete fan of BBAU! It …

    Read more >

Big Brother Wiki Key Featured Article
BB19 Large Kevin
Kevin Schlehuber was a houseguest on Big Brother 19 (US).

Moments after entering the house, Kevin became the lovable dad over the houseguests who took the opening temptation of $25,000. He was able to keep the secret undercover for many weeks before the rest of the house knew. His personality with the other houseguests and with Julie put him on the map as one of the kindest people to play the game. He is most known for his sense of style in the house where he wore many different suits over his time in the game. However, after 86 days, Kevin was evicted from the house after a sole eviction vote from Christmas Abbott. He placed 4th and became the 8th jury member.

Check him out!

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