Big Sister
Big Sister
Season Big Brother 18
Members Da'Vonne Rogers
Jozea Flores
Zakiyah Everette
Paul Abrahamian
Votes Against 18
HOHs 3 (Week 6, Days 90 & 99)
Times Nominated 10 (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 & 12)
Veto Wins 3 (Weeks 1 & 9, Day 90)
Lowest Placing Member Jozea Flores (15/16)
Highest Placing Member Paul Abrahamian (2/16)

Big Sister was one of the four teams apart of the team twist introduced on Big Brother 18. The team consisted of Da'Vonne Rogers, Jozea Flores, Zakiyah Everette, and Paul Abrahamian. Having not won the Immunity Competition, the team had to compete in the Hit The Road competition. They lost the first part to Category Four and moved to the second part, which they ended up winning.

DaVonne Small 2016
Jozea Small 2016
Paul Small 2016
Zakiyah Small 2016


  • All of the competition wins on this team were won by Paul Abrahamian.
  • Jozea Flores is the only member of this team to not make it to the jury stage.
    • In addition, the females of this team are the only ones to be on the jury, as Paul was in the final two.
      • Neither of his Big Sister teammates voted for Paul in the finale.
 Big Sister
Big Sister

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