Jordan is the only winner to employ this strategy.

Houseguests employing the Coaster social strategy includes players who often have little effect on the game or attach themselves to a stronger player to get to the end. These players often have little understanding of the game and tend to do very poorly in competitions. Unlike Floaters, Coasters typically remain with one alliance throughout the game. These players may "float", in the sense that they do not have any alliances, but they do so without any real strategy. The typical competitive strategy choice for Coasters is passive. Houseguests who have employed this strategy include Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother 11 & 13), Kathy Hillis (Big Brother 12), Adam Poch (Big Brother 13), Jenn Arroyo (Big Brother 14), Victoria Rafaeli (Big Brother 16), Meg Maley (Big Brother 17), James Huling (Big Brother 18), Raven Walton, Matthew Clines and Kevin Schlehuber (Big Brother 19); Kryssie Ridolfi (Big Brother: Over The Top); Talla Rajaei (Big Brother Canada 1), Nikki Grahame (Big Brother Canada 4), Karen Singbeil (Big Brother Canada 5), William Kenny and Maddy Poplett (Big Brother 6).