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Coup d'Etat
Coup d'Etat
Big Brother Twists
Description One houseguest would overthrough the Head of Household and replace the nominees with their own nominees.
Appearance(s) Big Brother All-Stars
Big Brother 11
Big Brother Canada 3

The Coup d'Etat (pronounced koo-day-tah) is a power given to a houseguest. Its first appearance in Big Brother was as a prize in Big Brother All-Stars. The power appeared once again in Big Brother 11; the holder of the power was chosen by America. The holder of the Coup d'Etat has the power to overthrow the Head of Household's nominations. They are also able to name their own replacement nominees. However, they may not choose the current HoH or PoV Holder.

The Coup d'état power has also appeared in Big Brother Canada 3 (however without the name).

It shares similarities to the Diamond Power of Veto. However, the holder can remove two nominees and replace them with two other HouseGuests (minus the HoH and PoV Holder), as opposed to the Golden Power of Veto, which can only remove one nominee and replace them with another HouseGuest.

Coup d'Etat HoldersEdit

Mike "Boogie" MalinEdit

During Week 6 of Big Brother All-Stars, the houseguests were told by Julie Chen that they would be competing for a "mystery power". Throughout the following week, the houseguests were given various clues to a common Big Brother phrase. Mike "Boogie" Malin was the first houseguest to correctly guess the phrase. Mike was given three weeks to use the power before it would expire. However, he chose not to use the power in the first two weeks and became the HOH in the third week, so he never used it.

Jeff SchroederEdit

Shortly after Casey Turner's eviction, it was announced to the house that America would be selecting one houseguest to receive a special power. Jeff Schroeder was chosen by America to receive the power. He was given two weeks to use the power if he chose to and at the end of the two weeks it would expire. During the first week Jeff chose not to use the Coup d'Etat power. The following week Jeff used the power to overthrow Chima Simone's nominations (Russell Kairouz & Lydia Tavera). As Chima was the HOH and Kevin Campbell was the POV Holder, they were immune from being nominated. Jeff nominated Natalie Martinez and Jessie Godderz for eviction. Neither Jeff nor Chima were allowed to vote and as a result Jessie was evicted by a vote of 3-2. Due to the Coup d'Etat power being used, all of the houseguests were able to compete to win the next HOH competition.

Brittnee Blair Edit

After the Week 7 triple eviction, it was announced that Canada would vote for two houseguests to be the Have-Nots for the week. However, these two houseguests would compete for the special Have-Not power which was hidden in the Have-Not Room (which was later revealed to be a Coup d'état like power). Canada voted for Sarah Hanlon and Brittnee Blair to be the Have-Nots for the week. The secret power competition was won by Brittnee. Her power was to be used at the Week 8 eviction and she is obligated to replace one nominee with someone of her choosing, with the additional option to save and replace the second nominee, if she chose to do so. At the eviction, She saved herself and Godfrey Mangwiza from eviction and nominated Zach Oleynik and Bruno Ielo in their places. In the end, Bruno (her supposed target) was evicted 4-0 making him the 6th juror and finishing in 7th place. This iteration of the Coup d'état was slightly different in that Britnee could vote and compete in the next HoH comp, while HoH Ashleigh could not.


  • Mike "Boogie" Malin is the only houseguest granted the Coup d'Etat to not use it.
  • Brittnee Blair is the only Canadian houseguest to be granted this power.
    • In addition, she is the only female to use it, along with the only nominee to use it.
  • Jeff Schroeder is the first person to use this power to overthrow a HoH's nominations.
    • He is also the only houseguest to not have to compete for the power.

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