Double D's
Double d's
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 16
Members Donny Thompson
Devin Shepherd
Defectors Devin Shepherd
Votes Against 16
HoH Wins 2
Times Nominated 8
Veto Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Devin Shepherd (14/16)
Highest Placing Member Donny Thompson (8/16)

The Double D's was a final two alliance between Donny Thompson and Devin Shepherd formed on night one of Big Brother 16.




The alliance was formed in the beginning of the game when Devin came to Donny, saying he was the only person in the house he knew he could trust. 


Towards the beginning of week one, Devin was approached by Caleb Reynolds and Frankie Grande asking him to be a part of the Bomb Squad. He later accepted their offer, yet is still pretending to be loyal to Donny, despite wanting him evicted in week one. The alliance was clearly over when Donny chose to go against Devin in the POV competition. Donny used the POV that week knowing Devin would go up putting the nail in Devin's coffin when the house voted him out 11-0 including Donny.

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