Dynamic Duos
Going Bananas
Big Brother Twists
Description All of the houseguests were paired up until they were evicted and given a Golden Key.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 13

Dynamic Duos was the main twist in Big Brother 13. In addition to the 8 original houseguests, 3 dynamic duos would be introduced into the house. Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, and Dick Donato and Daniele Donato went into the house able to compete for the grand prize. The eight new houseguests were allowed to get to know one another and form their own duos. The six returning veteran houseguests were already paired up before they entered the House. When a houseguest won the HOH competition, their partner also received immunity from eviction. The HOH nominated a pair for eviction, rather than two individual houseguests. Houseguests could also receive a Golden Key; this was given to the remaining member of the nominated pair that survived an eviction vote or lost a partner due to an expulsion or voluntary exit. A Golden Key guaranteed this houseguest a spot in the top ten and immunity from all challenges and eviction. However, the recipients of a Golden Key were still required to vote to evict during the live eviction shows.

The Dynamic Duos

Name Big Brother History
Season HOH Wins POV Wins Place
Big Brother 8 2 5 Runner-Up
3 1 Winner
Big Brother 11 1 2 5th
2 1 Winner
Big Brother 12 1 3 6th
2 0 9th