Big Brother Gameplay
Description The removal of someone due to behavioral issues (rule-breaking or safety-breaking).
Appearance(s) Multiple Seasons

An ejection (or expulsion) is the removal of a Big Brother houseguest by means of production via the Diary Room, bypassing the typical eviction process. A houseguest is ejected when he or she has repeatedly broken critical rules or has jeopardized the safety of the other houseguests due to his or her behavior. A houseguest is usually warned for repeated unacceptable behaviors before being expelled.

In the U.S., houseguests who are expelled during the jury stage are not allowed on the jury, and their votes are determined by a poll. Expelled houseguests are ineligible to win the Fan Favorite Award and are banned from attending the finale.

List of Expelled HouseGuestsEdit



Season Contestant Reason Removed
15 Jeremy Jackson Inappropriate behavior towards Chloe Goodman.
Ken Morley Continually used racist and offensive language.
16 Tila Tequila Made Anti-Semetic remarks prior to entering the house.
18 Christopher Biggins Used offensive language regarding bisexuals and Jews.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Nick Bateman Had nasty, lying behavior throughout the season and was believed to manipulate nominations.
5 Kitten Pinder Received three warnings from Big Brother.
Emma Greenwood Instigated the infamous "Fight Night".
7 Dawn Blake Informed her sister was ill, but was getting codes from her.
8 Emily Parr Used the n-word in reference to Charley Uchea.
9 Alexandra De-Gale Used threatening language towards the people she believed nominated her that week.
Dennis McHugh Spat in Mohamed Mohamed's face during a heated confrontation.
14 Daley Ojuederie Displayed threatening behavior towards Hazel O'Sullivan.
16 Aaron Frew Displayed inappropriate behavior towards Joel Williams by continuously flashing him.
17 Andrew Tate Pornographic content of him was leaked.
Emma Jensen Tried to escape the house for the second time.
18 Kayleigh Morris Used threatening behavior and language towards Chanelle McCleary.
Lotan Carter Used physical violence


Season Contestant Reason Removed
Ultimate Coolio Ivey Jr. Had an ongoing verbal spat between him and Nadia Almada.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Justin Sebik Repeatedly warned for threats to harm other houseguests and exceedingly violent behavior, causing other houseguest to fear for their safety.
4 Scott Weintraub Verbally intimidated other houseguests and threw chairs around the house, generally making other houseguests uncomfortable.
11 Chima Simone Refused numerous orders given by Big Brother; purposely destroyed her microphone.
14 Willie Hantz Physical altercation with Joe Arvin.



Ways of Leaving

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