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Big Brother Gameplay
Description The weekly process of a Houseguest leaving the Big Brother House.
Appearance(s) Every Season

Eviction is the weekly process of a houseguest leaving the Big Brother House.



Julie communicating with Rachel, who casts her vote to evict in secret in the Diary Room

During the Live Eviction episode, the two nominees are given a chance to make their final plea. After each nominee has spoken, the remaining houseguests head one at a time to the Diary Room to cast their vote to evict. They communicate to Julie Chen (or Arisa Cox) without the other houseguests hearing their vote. The Head of Household and the two nominees (or three nominees in Big Brother 15 with the MVP twist for the first 6 evictions and in Big Brother 18 with the Roadkill twist for the first 4 evictions.) are ineligible to vote. The Head of Household votes only in the case of a tie vote. After the votes are in, Julie (or Arisa) reports the results of the vote to the houseguests, telling them the number of votes cast in favor of the evicted houseguest. At that moment, the Evictee collects their bags, has one minute to say their good-byes, and heads out through the front door, where they have an interview with the host before returning to the real world or the Jury House. The evicted houseguest normally gets to view a Good-Bye tape with messages from their fellow houseguests.


Following a houseguest's eviction, their photograph on the Memory Wall turns black and white. Normally, they are out of the house for good, but on rare occasions they may return by a vote, either an America's Choice vote, a vote by their fellow houseguests or a Jury competition to compete to return to the Big Brother game. This has occurred in Big Brother 3, when the house voted for Amy to return, Big Brother 6, when America voted Kaysar back to return, Big Brother 9, when the houseguests were given the choice to see the return of James, the most recent evictee, or accept America's vote, Alex, whose identity was not disclosed to them, with the houseguests choosing to accept James back into the Big Brother House, Big Brother 15, where the four jury members Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen competed to return to the Big Brother house in a competition in which Judd won the competition, but did not win the HoH competition, and in Big Brother 16, when the four jury members Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and Zach competed to return to the house. Nicole won. In Big Brother 17, Shelli, Jackie, Becky and John competed for another chance. John won and returned back into the house. In Big Brother 18, the first five evictees competed in the Battle Back Competition, in which Victor won. Later in the season, the first five jurors competed for another chance, and Victor won once again. Other instances of short-term returns include Rachel of Big Brother 12 returning for 24 hours as a result of Pandora's Box and Casey from Big Brother 11 hosting a Power of Veto competition, although he had not direct contact with the houseguests and communicated the rules of the game through the PA system. During Week 12 of Big Brother 16, the jury members, Jocasta, Hayden, Zach, Donny, Nicole, and Christine returned to the house to compete in a luxury competition with the remaining houseguests. Hayden and Victoria won. 

Other processesEdit

In Big Brother 1 the eviction process was different. The eviction was every two weeks instead of one. All of the house guests vote on who the nominees are. America then decides who gets evicted. It was also not called "eviction", instead "banishment."

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