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Square-Jun Song

Jun is one of three winners to employ this strategy.

The typical Floater social strategy includes consciously joining no alliances or joining many but having true loyalty to none. The Floater's goal is to stay out of the way, and be seen as a non-threat while the Leaders and the Gamers take themselves out of the game. Unlike Coasters, Floaters are purposely attempting to either play multiple sides of the house against each other or remain in the middle of opposing alliances in order to strategically further themselves in the game. The typical competitive strategy choice for Floaters are selective or passive. House Guests who have employed this strategy include Will Kirby (Season 2), Jun Song (Season 4), Erika Landin (All-Stars), Andy Herren (Season 15), James Huling (Season 18), Justin Duncan (OTT); Godfrey Mangwiza (BBCAN3), Cassandra Shahinfar and Mitchell Moffit (BBCAN4).

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