Hit The Road
HTR Part 3
Big Brother Competition
Description A competition that HouseGuests compete to stay in the house, with the losing player ending up being evicted.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 14 (US)
Big Brother 18 (US)
Big Brother: Over The Top
Big Brother 19 (US)
Hit The Road (sometimes called a Do or Die Competition) is an elimination challenge where the loser is either automaticlly evicted or nominated for an immediate vote.

It premiered during Big Brother 14. The competition put four teams against each other so that they could fight for Head of Household and to keep their status in the game. Team Britney finished in the competition first and team coach Britney Haynes chose Willie Hantz to be the first Head of Household. Team Dan finished in last, forcing team coach Dan Gheesling to evict one of his team members, he chose to evict Jodi Rollins.

During Big Brother 18, the Hit the Road competition was turned into a three-part competition that put the three remaining teams, Freakazoids, Category Four, and Big Sister, against each other to stay in the house. After all three competitions, Glenn Garcia of Freakazoids was the first person evicted from the house.

During Big Brother: Over The Top, it was dubbed the Do or Die Competition. Morgan Willett and Justin Duncan competed in it, after being nominated by HoH Jason Roy, and Justin ended up being the last person evicted after losing the competition, named "End of the Road."

During Big Brother 19, the eight houseguests not saved by Paul Abrahamian had to compete for safety. If they dropped, they received an apple and had a 50/50 chance of being deemed safe. The winner was automatically safe and joined those saved by Paul.


Season Week Part Winner(s) Loser(s)
14 1 Only Team Britney
Team Janelle
Team Boogie
Team Dan
18 1 1 Category Four Big Sister & Freakazoids
2 Big Sister Freakazoids
3 Nicole Franzel
Tiffany Rousso
Corey Brooks
Glenn Garcia
OTT 9 Only Morgan Willett Justin Duncan
19 1 1 Cody Nickson Alex Ow
Cameron Heard
Christmas Abbott
Jillian Parker
Josh Martinez
Matthew Clines
Megan Lowder
2 Alex Ow
Josh Martinez
Matthew Clines
Megan Lowder
Cameron Heard
Christmas Abbott
Jillian Parker


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