Jace Agolli
Nickname Hayden 2.0
Season Big Brother 17
Place 17th
Votes Against 12
Alliances ShellTown
Tres Amigos
Loyalties Austin Matelson
Liz Nolan
HOH Wins 0
Times Nominated 1 (Week 1)
Veto Wins 0
BOTB Wins 0
Days 15
Facebook jace.agolli

Jace Agolli was a HouseGuest on Big Brother 17.

When Jace first entered the game, he considered Austin a friend, and they formed a final two alliance called ShellTown together. They both had a very close friendship with Liz, which led to a new alliance called Tres Amigos. After losing Week 1's Head of Household competition by mere seconds, he became a backdoor target for being considered a threat in competitions. Due to a backdoor plan devised by Audrey and Da'Vonne, he was evicted in a 12-1 vote, placing 17th (last place).


Birthday: December 8, 1991 

Jace grew up in Dunwoody, Georgia, and is known by all as an adrenaline junkie. He surfs, snowboards, skateboards semi-professionally, and considers himself a modern-day adventurer who models his life after Indiana Jones. He loves his new life in sunny Venice Beach, but will always be a Southern boy at heart. 

Player History - Big Brother 17

Competition History

Week 1 HOH Loss
BOTB Ineligible
POV Not Picked

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Have

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Post-POV Nominee


  • Jace is the first HouseGuest in Big Brother history to come in 17th place. This was because of Liz and Julia sucessfully pretending to be one contestant and Jace's placing was retroactively lowered when Julia entered the game.
    • Jace is the lowest placing HouseGuest (with Cameron Heard) in Big Brother history.
    • When Julia entered the game individually, Jace's picture on the memory wall got replaced by her picture.
  • He is the first HouseGuest to have his picture replaced by another HouseGuest's picture.
  • He is the only member of the Tres Amigos alliance to not make it to the jury.
  • Jace is the only male HouseGuest to not be nominated by Vanessa.
  • He is one of two HouseGuests, the other being Jackie, who was not evicted under the influence of Vanessa.
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