Julie Chen
Julie Chen BB19
Nickname Chen Bot
Birth Date January 6, 1970 (1970-01-06) (age 48)
Hometown New York, New York
Occupation Host Big Brother (U.S.)
Years Active 2000 - present

Social Media
Twitter JulieChen
Instagram juliechencbs
Facebook JulieChen

Julie Chen is the host of Big Brother and has been from the first season onwards. She is also a member and host of the CBS daytime show The Talk.

On the Big Brother 18 finale night, the next two seasons, Big Brother 19 and Big Brother 20 were confirmed, and Julie Chen was confirmed to reprise her role as the host.

She is married to Leslie Moonves, the president and CEO of CBS corporation.

Another reason she is known for is for her famous "But first" quotes around the fandom and the way she walks across the stage.

Early on, the way she talked while she was on the show earned her the nickname "Chen Bot".


  • Aaryn Gries was revealed to be Julie's least favorite houseguest while her favorite houseguest is Janelle Pierzina.
  • Julie has actually played Big Brother with her co-hosts from The Talk in a segment and she was the first one evicted.
    • Julie said in an interview if she ever played Big Brother she would not go far because she can't keep a secret.
    • Her co-host on The Talk, Sara Gilbert is a huge fan of Big Brother.
  • Julie said about game rigging on The Hollywood Reporter when asked if she was frustrated with managing the "talent [she] works with; "We can't really 'manage' the houseguests because you can't dilute or infect the game."
    • She said in the same segment that the "overt racism" from season 15 was the hardest for her to watch.
    • Her Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood also denied game rigging on The Talk when they talked about The Biggest Loser's controversial weight loss methods comparing the Biggest Loser's weight loss drug use/800 calorie diet to Big Brother's 24/7 video recording of the houseguests saying the contestants on the Biggest Loser should be recorded 24/7 to see what the contestants are eating and their true methods of dieting. Julie added to this saying she would like the producers to be filmed 24/7 to find out their true motivations for "helping" the contestants lose weight. This also confirms there is no game rigging on Big Brother.
  • In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie revealed that a Celebrity season for Big Brother U.S was in the works and at one point the production even casted actress Paris Hilton to compete on the season. However, the season was scrapped because the producers thought that a Celebrity season would cause Big Brother to jump the shark. Many years later, during the run of season 19, the first ever Celebrity season was announced to be airing in the winter of 2018.
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