Amanda is one of many to employ this strategy.

The Leader social strategy has the player create an open (or sometimes secret) alliance, and use that alliance's power to control the happenings in the house. They are usually big targets for eviction and so rely on the ability of their alliance to win competitions and the fear of reciprocation from alliance members in the case of the Leader's eviction. The Leader's goal is to keep his or her own alliance or sub-alliance in the house for as long as possible so that his or her control of the game increases. Leaders will most often select the aggressive competitive strategy, although they will sometimes choose the selective competitive strategy. Examples of Leaders include Jase Wirey (Big Brother 5 & All-Stars), Eric Littmann (Big Brother 6), Kaysar Ridha (Big Brother 6 & All-Stars), Jessie Godderz (Big Brother 10 & 11), Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother 11 & 13), Amanda Zuckerman (Big Brother 15), Devin Shepherd (Big Brother 16), Vanessa Rousso (Big Brother 17), Alex Willett (Big Brother: Over The Top); and Bruno Ielo (Big Brother Canada 3 & 5)

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