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Marco Sabba was a housemate on Big Brother 5 (UK) and Big Brother Panto.

Marco Sabba
Marco 2004
Hometown Middlesex, United Kingdom
Occupation Law Student
Series Big Brother 5 (UK)
Place 10th
Nominations Received 9
Times Nominated 1
Days 36

Player's History - Big Brother 5 (UK)

Task History

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Ahmed Aghil
Jason Cowan
Ahmed Aghil
Jason Cowan
3 & 4 Daniel Bryan
Vanessa Nimmo
Ahmed Aghil
Jason Cowan
5 Jason Cowan
Victor Ebuwa
Ahmed Aghil
Daniel Bryan
Jason Cowan
Shell Jubin
Victor Ebuwa

Player's History - Big Brother Panto

Part in the Play

- Housemate Part in the Play
Housemate 4: Marco Sabba Fairy Liquid

Note: Big Brother Panto is unlike other Big Brother series as it had ten housemates entered the house to practice Cinderella and perform it live on E4 on the final day. There were no evictions, nominations, or a winner.


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Marco 2004
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Kitten 2004
Big Brother Panto Housemates
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Kitten 2004
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Melanie 2000
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Victor 2004

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