Matheus Lisboa
BBB16 Matheus
Housemate Profile
Born August 11, 1990 (1990-08-11) (age 27)
Hometown Barra Longa, Brazil
Occupation Electrical Engineer
Season History
Big Brother Brazil 16
Status Evicted
Place 5th
Nominations Received 7
Times Nominated 2 (Day 3 & Week 9)
HoH Wins 0
Times Saved 0
Save Wins 4 (Weeks 3, 7, 8 & 9)
Days 64
Social Media

Matheus Lisboa was a housemate on Big Brother Brazil 16.


Player History - Big Brother Brazil 16

Competition History

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Have-Not
Week 2 Have
Week 3 Have
Week 4 Have-Not
Week 5 Have
Week 6 Have
Week 7 Have
Week 8 Have
Week 9 Have

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
Daniel Heder Immune
2 Laércio de Moura Laércio de Moura
3 Ronan Veiga Tamiel Jacobson POI Holder
4 Tamiel Jacobson
5 Juliana Dias
6 Ronan Veiga
7 Munik Barbosa POI Holder
8 Ronan Veiga Geralda Diniz
Ronan Veiga
POI Holder
9 Ronan Veiga Geralda Diniz
Munik Barbosa
Ronan Veiga

Post Big Brother


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