Monica Bailey
Monica Bailey
Houseguest Profile
Nickname Monya
Born June 22, 1961 (1961-06-22) (age 57)
Season History
Big Brother 2 (US)
Status Jury Member
Place 3rd
Votes Against 1
Alliances The Untouchables
Loyalties Krista Stegall
Bunky Miller
HoH Wins 1 (Week 9)
Times Nominated 2 (Weeks 6 & 10)
Days 77
Other Prizes Michael Jackson Off the Wall CD
Social Media
Instagram monya622

Monica Bailey was a houseguest on Big Brother 2 (US). She finished in 3rd place and became the ninth and final member of the jury after Nicole Nilson Schaffrich chose to evict her.

Monica was later one of the twenty candidates eligible to be voted back into Big Brother All Stars. However, she was not selected.


Monica Bailey was a 40-year-old candy store manager and adult literacy teacher from Brooklyn, New York.

Player History - Big Brother 2

Competition History

Week 1 Food Win
Reward Loss
HOH Loss
Luxury Win
Luxury Win
Week 2 HOH Loss
Food Loss
Luxury Win
Week 3 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 4 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Win
Week 5 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Win
Week 6 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 7 Luxury Loss
Food Loss
Week 8 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 9 HOH Win
Food Win
Reward Loss
Luxury Loss
Week 10 Food/Luxury Win
HOH Part 1 Loss
HOH Part 2
HOH Part 3 Unable to Play

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Nicole Schaffrich No
2 Autumn Daly Yes
3 Shannon Dragoo Yes
4 Mike Malin Yes
5 Kent Blackwelder Yes
6 Nominated
8 Will Kirby No
10 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Will Kirby Yes

HOH History

Nominees Intended Target
Week 9
Square-Hardy Ames-Hill


  • Monica is the first ever African-American contestant to win a Head of Household competition.
  • Monica is the first African-American female to win a Head of Household competition.
  • Monica was the first ever houseguest to win an endurance HOH competition.
  • In the house she learned that her cousin, Tamitha Freeman  was missing after the events of the horrible 9/11 attacks. Tragically, Tamitha was among thousands who was killed during the attacks.
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