On day 29, the TV audience voted on what type of animal the houseguests should have for a week. Their choices included; a goldfish, a hamster, or a potbelly pig. Fortunately, the pet they chose was a potbelly pig. Ophelia was pure black small, as she was less than a year old, when she entered the house, on day 34.

Ophelia was the first and only pot belly pig to visit the Big Brother House. Although his stay was only one short week, this cutie made a lasting impression on the houseguests and the fans of Big Brother 2. It is hard to forget the emotional moment when Ophelia was heroically saved from being drowned, by Dr Will, when he tried to run across the pool, by jumping on a raft and quickly sank to the bottom. Ophelia also got into a loaf of bread in the BB Kitchen and nearly devoured the whole thing, in less than a minute. Sadly, Ophelia visit spanned days 34-41.

In the back yard, there was a little Pig house, with the Ophelia's name painted on the door, and a little box to do its business in. Ophelia's crazy antics and snorts brought joy to houseguests and viewers of Big Brother's Second Season. Even Monica, who did not like pets, grew attached to Ophelia, who would playfully run after her in the yard, but would never bite or nip at her feet. All the house guests enjoyed playing with Ophelia, especially Krista, who became the pig's main caretaker. Krista slept in the same bed with Ophelia every night and they showered daily together.

According to Dr. Will, Ophelia was always rooting for food, in the ground, as well as in their clothes. He claimed the only way of stopping her was by giving her food. He also says she had to be picked up to take her places and that she did not like to be picked up, but that was better than dragging her on a leash. Dr. Will thought its was cool to hear Ophelia purr, when she was petted. But he did not appreciate her kicking and biting. Dr. Will also claims to have appointed himself swine lifeguard.

In February 2015, Ophelia ranked #9, by viewers on the list of Top Ten Big Brother Guests. Ophelia was noted for acting more like a canine, than a swine. Ophelia's Harness is now in the Big Brother Green Room.

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