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Dr. Will was the first person to use this strategy.

The passive competitive strategy involves intentionally losing most or all competitions in an attempt to appear as though he or she is not a threat. Sometimes, a houseguest employing the passive strategy may even throw the competitions that have no effect on the outcome of the game (e.g. food and luxury competitions) to further his or her weak persona. A passive player will typically choose a snake, floater, or collaborator social strategy. Examples of players utilizing the passive strategy include Will Kirby (Big Brother 2 & All-Stars), Dan Gheesling (Big Brother 10 & 14), Austin Matelson (Big Brother 17), James Huling (Big Brother 18), Elena Davies (Big Brother 19), Justin Duncan and Kryssie Ridolfi (Big Brother: Over The Top); Godfrey Mangwiza (Big Brother Canada 3), Mitchell Moffit (Big Brother Canada 4), and Ika Wong (Big Brother Canada 5).