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Dan Gheesling is the only winner to ever play a Perfect Game.

A "Perfect Game" is a feat that has only been achieved by one HouseGuest.

Elements of a Perfect Game

  • The HouseGuest never receives an eviction vote against him or her.
  • The HouseGuest is announced the winner of Big Brother.
  • The Jury unanimously votes for the HouseGuest to win.

Winners That Almost Played a Perfect Game



Runners-Up That Almost Played a Perfect Game





  • The concept of a perfect game also exists in Survivor. To be considered to have played a perfect game in Survivor, a contestant must never receive an elimination vote during the game and must then win the game by a unanimous vote from the jury. As in Big Brother, a perfect game is a rare accomplishment in Survivor, and has only been achieved twice by winners JT Thomas and John Cochran.
  • Had Ian received all of the jury votes to win during Big Brother 14, Dan would have been the first player to win with a Perfect Game and lose to a Perfect Game.
    • Had Dan won the season with all seven Jurors, he would have been the first person to win with a Perfect Game twice.
  • All of the first 4 winners of Big Brother Canada were close to winning with Perfect Games, as none of them ever recieved any eviction votes.
  • For Big Brother 1 (US) and Big Brother: Over The Top, the concept of a Perfect Game is different.
    • For BB1, a houseguest would have had to never received any percentage of America's vote to evict and had to have received 100% of America's vote to win.
    • For BBOTT, a houseguest would have to never receive an eviction vote and have had received 100% of America's vote to win.

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