Project DNA
Project DNA
Big Brother Twists
Description Siblings that either know each another or not would play the game together.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 5
Big Brother 17
Big Brother: Over The Top
Big Brother Brazil 17
Project DNA (DNA being short for Do Not Assume) was the central twist of Big Brother 5 and would later be used on Big Brother 17, Big Brother: Over The Top, and Big Brother Brazil 17. This twist involved one or two sets of siblings competing in the house together.

Season 5

  • Secret Siblings - Cowboy and Nakomis were estranged siblings who were unaware of each other before the airing of the show and revealed it to the rest of the House Guests during week 2.
  • Sister Twist

    Natalie and Adria

    Twin Twist - Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll were identical twins and would swap places every few days, playing as Adria. If the two made it to week 5 without being discovered or evicted, they would both enter the game as individuals.
    • Drew Daniel and Diane Henry also revealed that they both had twins, but their twins were not competing in the game.

Season 17

This twist has also appeared on Big Brother 17, following similar rules as it did in Big Brother 5, however it only included the twin twist, not the secret siblings.

  • Twin Twist - The twist involved twins Liz and Julia Nolan who were both playing as Liz. They both made it to week 5, so they both joined the game as individual players.

Big Brother: Over The Top

Opposite of Big Brother 17, this season did not include the twin twist but instead featured the secret siblings twist. However, the siblings were not estranged and instead knew of the other's presence in the game.

  • Secret Siblings - A modified version of the "Secret Siblings" twist was implemented in this season. Alex and Morgan Willett entered the house knowing that they would be competing against one another, rather than being estranged.

Big Brother Brazil 17

In a variation of the twin twist, Big Brother Brazil 17 had two sets of twins enter on Day 1; a day before the rest of the cast entered. Unbeknownst to the cast; these twins faced an eviction on Day 7, where one twin of each pair would be evicted.

  • Twin Twist - This modified version of the twin twist was implemented this season. The twist involved brothers Antônio and Manoel, and sisters Emilly and Mayla.


  • Michael Ellis is the only male to be a participant of this twist.
  • Jason Roy is the only houseguest to be in two separate seasons in which this twist was featured.
  • Morgan Willett is the only houseguest to participate in this twist that went on to win the game.
    • However, Liz Nolan is the first houseguest to participate in this twist and then make it to the Final 2, later followed by Morgan.

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