Big Brother Twists
Description Three contestants with three people that they previously had a tense relationship with.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 8

Rivals was one of the two main twists in Big Brother 8. After entering the house, the original eleven houseguests were informed that they would be joined by three people, all of whom had a tense connection with another player in the game. During the end of the first HOH competition, the Rivals were asked to determine the winner; they could chose between Kail Harbick and Eric Stein. They chose Kail to become the first Head of Household. The Rivals could not compete nor could they be nominated during the first week of Big Brother.

The Rivals and their corresponding partner are below (Rivals are to the left, partners to the right)


  • The Rivals all placed higher than their partner, and also all managed to reach the Jury stage of the game.
  • Dick and Daniele Donato are the first pairing (and first relatives) in any Big Brother season to make the Final 2.