SSB Alliance
Season Big Brother Canada 3
Members Sarah Hanlon
Brittnee Blair
Sindy Nguyen
Votes Against 23
HOHs 5
Times Nominated 12 
Veto Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Sindy Nguyen (11/16)
Highest Placing Member Sarah Hanlon (1/16)




The SSB alliance was formed in Week 5 of Big Brother Canada 3. It consisted of Sarah Hanlon, Brittnee Blair, and newly returned houseguest Sindy Nguyen. The alliance got their name from taking their first initials and were formed to take out Zach and his side of the house.


Their main action during the game was their orchestration of Jordan Parhar's Eviction in Week 5.


Before being evicted for the first time, Sindy sparked a showmance with Jordan Parhar. Upon returning to the house the two continued the showmance. Sindy was evicted a week after Jordan and they seemed to continue the relationship on until late jury.


With Pilar in Power after the Week 6 veto ceremony she put up SSB members Sindy and Brittnee with the former being evicted again with a unanimous vote. Sarah and Brittnee went back to being the Fembots.

Overall Victory

Even though two of the alliance were sent to Jury Sarah Hanlon managed to escape their decimation and made it to the final two and ended up winning against Godfrey after Sarah and Brittnee gave a big campaign for her victory with the help of Willow Macdonald

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