Sada Wilkington
Sada 2000
Birth Date May 10, 1972
Hometown South West London
Occupation Writer

Series Big Brother 1 (UK)
Place 11th
Times Nominated 1 (Week 2)
Days 15

Sada Wilkington was a housemate in Big Brother 1 (UK).

Player's History - Big Brother 1 (UK)

Task History

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Darren Ramsay
Andrew Davidson
Andrew Davidson
Craig Phillips
Darren Ramsay
Melanie Hill
Nick Bateman
Tom McDermott


  • She is the first housemate evicted ever on Big Brother UK.
  • After learning she was nominated, she considered leaving the house before eviction night came. Ultimately she decided to stay in the house.
  • Following her time on the show, Sada publicly criticized the show's producers for their editing, claiming that she was portrayed on the show as a "dippy hippie" rather than as her true self.
Big Brother 1 (UK) Housemates
Craig 2000 Small
Anna 2000 Small
Darren 2000 Small
Melanie 2000 Small
Claire 2000 Small
Tom 2000 Small
Nichola 2000 Small
Nick 2000 Small
Caroline 2000 Small
Andrew 2000 Small
Sada 2000 Small

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