Brenchel, a common example of a showmance.

A Showmance (a portmanteau of the words show and romance) is a type of relationship formed in the Big Brother house. These involve two House Guests involved in a romantic and flirtatuous relationship, usually for entertainment purposes. However, many reality shows involve showmances. Some of the most memorable showmances are Brendon and Rachel (Seasons 12 and 13) (Brenchel), Jeff and Jordan (Seasons 11 and 13) (JeJo), McCrae and Amanda (Season 15) (McCranda), & Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf (Season 19) (Jody).

Showmance(s) by Seasons

This list only shows showmances in the season they originated in, as some seasons have had both showmance partners return, where the showmance then continued, such as Jeff and Jordan from BB11, and Brendon and Rachel from BB12, who all returned for BB13, where they continued their showmances. However if one person returned and had a showmance with different people in their original seasons than in their second seasons, it will be counted, such as Mike "Boogie" and Dr Will showmancing Krista and Shannon during BB2 and Erika and Janelle during BB7. The same applies for if one person has a showmance with multiple people in the same season, such as Jessie having a showmance with both Natalie and Lydia during BB11.

Big Brother (U.S.)


Male Female
2 Mike "Boogie" Malin Krista Stegall
Will Kirby Shannon Dragoo
3 Roddy Mancuso Chiara Jude Berti
Eric Ouellette Lisa Donahue
4 Nathan Marlow Alison Irwin
David Lane Amanda Craig
Justin Giovinco Dana Varela
5 Drew Daniel Diane Henry
Jase Wirey Holly King
6 Michael Donnellan Janelle Pierzina
James Rhine Sarah Hrejsa
7 Will Kirby Janelle Pierzina
Mike "Boogie" Malin Erika Landin
8 Eric Stein Jessica Hughbanks
Nick Starcevic Daniele Donato
9 James Zinkand Chelsia Hart
Matt McDonald Natalie Cunial
Ryan Quicksall Jen Diturno
10 Bryan Ollie April Dowling
Jessie Godderz Michelle Costa
11 Jessie Godderz Natalie Martinez
Jessie Godderz Lydia Tavera
Jeff Schroeder Jordan Lloyd
12 Brendon Villegas Rachel Reilly
Hayden Moss Kristen Bitting
13 Dominic Briones Daniele Donato
14 Shane Meaney Danielle Murphree
Ian Terry Ashley Iocco
Frank Eudy Ashley Iocco
15 David Girton Aaryn Gries
Jeremy McGuire Kaitlin Barnaby
McCrae Olson Amanda Zuckerman
Judd Daugherty Jessie Kowalski
Judd Daugherty Aaryn Gries
Howard Overby Candice Stewart
16 Hayden Voss Nicole Franzel
17 Clay Honeycutt Shelli Poole
Austin Matelson Liz Nolan
18 Victor Arroyo Natalie Negrotti
Corey Brooks Nicole Franzel
Paulie Calafiore Zakiyah Everette
James Huling Natalie Negrotti
OTT Shane Chapman Danielle Lickey
19 Cody Nickson Jessica Graf
Matthew Clines Raven Walton
Mark Jansen Elena Davies

Big Brother Canada

Season Male Female
1 Alec Beall Topaz Brady
Thomas Plant Liza Stinton
Emmett Blois Jillian MacLaughlin
Peter Brown Liza Stinton
2 Andrew Gordon Allison White
Jon Pardy Neda Kalantar
3 Jordan Parhar Sindy Nguyen
Kevin Martin Pilar Nemer
Zach Oleynik Ashleigh Wood
Female Female
Sarah Hanlon Willow MacDonald
4 Male Female
Jared Kesler Kelsey Faith
Ramsey Aburaneh Maddy Pavle
Nick Paquette Maddy Pavle
5 Demetres Giannistsos Ika Wong
Dillon Carman Emily Hawkin
6 Derek Kesseler Kaela Grant
Jesse Larson Paras Atashnak
William Kenny Veronica Doherty


  • The most common number of showmances per season is two.
  • Big Brother 15 has the most showmances with six 
  • Big Brother 13, 16, and OTT are tied for the season with the least showmances, all having only one.
  • Jessie Godderz is the first person to have two showmances at once. He would later be followed by Ashley Iocco (BB14), and Judd Daugherty (BB15).
  • Jessie Godderz holds the record for most showmances ever with three: one in his original season and two in his second season.
  • Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel all returned to Big Brother 13 as duos.
  • Big Brother: All Stars is the first, and currently the only time, a showmance sat in the final two together. Mike "Boogie" Malin beat Erika Landin in a 6 to 1 vote.
  • James & Sarah are the first showmance to have known each other prior to entering the house. They are followed by Ryan & Jen
  • Brendon & RachelDaniele & Dominic and Jeff & Jordan are currently the only showmances that have married after leaving the Big Brother House.
    • Coincidentally, these are the only showmances that were on Big Brother 13.
    • Brendon & Rachel were the first showmance to then have a baby after leaving the Big Brother House, with Jeff & Jordan having their baby only a few months later. Daniele & Dominic announced that they were having a baby a few years later,
    • Jessica & Cody are currently engaged to be married.
  • Despite not being a showmance during their time on their respective seasons, Kelsey Faith & Phil Paquette (Big Brother Canada 4), and Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo (Big Brother 18) started relationships after their seasons ended.
  • Sarah & Willow are the first ever same-sex female showmance in Big Brother history.
    • Both Frankie & Zach and Kevin & William had joke same-sex male showmances during their seasons, but neither of them were official.