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Andy is one of four winners to employ this strategy.

The Snake social strategy primarily involves manipulating the other house guests. Usually, a player described as a snake is very friendly, but is not open about where their loyalties lie. The Snake's goal is to influence the other House Guests into evicting the player the Snake wants to remove from the game without bringing attention to themselves. A Snake will typically select the passive or selective competitive strategy. Examples of 'snakes' include Will Kirby (Seasons 2 and 7), Eric Stein (Season 8), Ronnie Talbott (Season 11), Dan Gheesling (Seasons 10 and 14), Andy Herren (Season 15), Audrey Middleton (Season 17), Da'vonne Rogers (Season 18), Nicole Franzel (Season 18); Cassandra Shahinfar (BBCan 4), Mitchell Moffit (BBCan 4), and Tim Dormer (BBCan 4).

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