Steve Jumalon
Housemate Profile
Born December 31, 1975 (1975-12-31) (age 42)
Hometown Butuan City, Agusan del Norte
Season History
Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up
Place 5th
Days 133
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Steve Jumalon was a finalist on Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up


Steve Jumalon Biography

Nickname: Tibo
Real Name: Steve Jumalon
Origin: Butuan City
Age: 33
Birthdate: December 31, 1975
Nationality: Filipino
Civil Status: Married
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Going to the gym, playing basketball and going to the firing range
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Japanese and Filipino food
Favorite Show: Wowowee
Favorite Actor: Keanu Reeves
Favorite Actress: Kris Aquino
Favorite Singer: Jed Madela

With family stats at 5:4:1, Steve’s life story would definitely rival those teleserye tear-jerkers. He is one of five children, coming from four different fathers and sharing one mother. The death of one of his mom’s partners let them with enough finances to live comfortably and have a good education. However, she became involved with another man who brought trouble into their family. This pushed them into leaving their hometown and seeking refuge in urban Manila, in an attempt to restore order into their lives. This seems to have worked with Steve, as he now has his own family, happily married and proud father of three.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment?
Having my three kids
What/who will you miss the most upon entering the PBB House?
My children and my wife, also my gun
If you can be a celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Piolo Pascual. It's because he didn't gave up until he succeeds in life.
Do you think you can get along with the other housemates? Why?
Even though I look like a troublemaker, I know how to get along with people.
What would irritate and annoy you the most inside the house?
I think none. I have a wide open mind. Not all the time, things are positive so you really
should know how to adjust.

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Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
4 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
5 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
6 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
7 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
8 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
9 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
11 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
12 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
13 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
14 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
15 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
16 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
17 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
18 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]
19 2-[[ ]]
1-[[ ]]


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