The Other People
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 2 (US)
Members Bunky Miller
Kent Blackwelder
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Hardy Ames-Hill
Monica Bailey
Autumn Daly
Defectors Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Hardy Ames-Hill
Monica Bailey
Votes Against 18
HoH Wins 7
Times Nominated 9
Lowest Placing Member Autumn Daly
Highest Placing Member Nicole Nilson Schaffrich

The Other People also known as TOP was an alliance formed in Big Brother 2 between Bunky Miller, Kent Blackwelder, Nicole Schaffrich, Hardy Ames-Hill, Monica Bailey, and Autumn Daly. The formation of the alliance consisted of every member of the house that was not a member of the infamous Chilltown alliance. After Chilltown members Shannon Dragoo and Mike "Boogie" Malin were evicted 3rd and 4th, respectively, the alliance began to turn on one another. Nicole made it to the end, but ultimately lost to Chilltown member Will Kirby by a 5-2 jury vote.


Square-Autumn Daly
Square-Bunky Miller
Square-Hardy Ames-Hill
Square-Kent Blackwelder
Square-Monica Bailey
Square-Nicole Nilson Schaffrich


The Other People alliance was created during the week that Sheryl Braxton was evicted from the house. Its primary goal was to eliminate Chilltown members Will, Mike, Krista and Shannon.

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