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The Sloppy Seconds
Season Big Brother Canada 2
Members Adel Elseri
Allison White
Arlie Shaban
Heather Decksheimer
Jon Pardy
Neda Kalantar
Ika Wong
Defectors Allison White
Votes Against 17
HOHs 7 (Week 6, Day 42, Week 7, Day 49 Week 8, Week 9 & Week 10)
Times Nominated 14
Veto Wins 8 (Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Day 42, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9 & Week 10)
Lowest Placing Member Arlie Shaban (8/15)
Highest Placing Member Jon Pardy (Winner)

The Sloppy Seconds was the dominant alliance in Big Brother Canada 2. It was formed in Week 6 during Heather's HOH reign. The members consist of Jon, Neda, Allison, Heather, Adel and Arlie. This is one of the most successful alliances in Big Brother history, getting all six members to the final 8. They controlled 7 of the 13 HOHs. Additionally, with their affiliate Ika, they controlled the outcome of 8 HOHs.


Adel BBCAN2 Small
Allison BBCAN2 Small
Arlie BBCAN2 Small
Heather BBCAN2 Small
Jon BBCAN2 Small
Neda BBCAN2 Small


Ika BBCAN2 Small

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