The Zingbot0

The Zingbot 3000 first appeared when he visited the Big Brother 12 house. He is a huge robot that emerged from the Diary Room and hosted a Power of Veto competition. He continuously insulted or 'zinged' each of the houseguests. The Zingbot 3000 also made a cameo appearance at the Big Brother 12 season finale. He then appeared on Big Brother 13Big Brother 14, and Big Brother 15 to host Veto competitions. There is also the Bride of Zingbot created in Big Brother 13 and Baby Zingbot created in Big Brother 14. Baby Zingbot returned in Big Brother 15 for its first birthday. In Big Brother 16, Zingbot 3000 returned to the house, but only to compliment houseguests and give them 'props'. Kathy Griffin then entered the house to Zing 4 of the houseguests and host the veto competition. Zingbot 3000 was fixed, and proceeded to zing the remaining houseguests. Zingbot returned for Big Brother 17, and seemed to have split from his bride, being "newly zingle and ready to mingle." He proceeded to Zing the houseguests after entering, and then hosted the Veto competition, in which Vanessa won. It was also announced that he was rebuilt and renamed Zingbot 9000. In Big Brother 18, Zingbot returned to grant a Power Of Veto competition, making fun of the rest of the houseguests at first, it was revealed that Zingbot was running for president (not really), but for the show of course. He appeared in the audience during the finale as well, and later appeared in the audience of the first Double Eviction in Big Brother 19. He then hosted the following Veto competition in the week after the Double, revealing that he won the election and became president of Planet Zing.

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