Three Stooges
Three Stooges
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 4
Members Jee Choe
Justin Giovinco
Robert Roman
Dana Varela
Alison Irwin
Jun Song
Votes Against 7
HoH Wins 4 (Weeks 2,5 7 & 9)
Times Nominated 6 (Weeks 1, 6 [Justin and Robert
were both nominated]
8 [Jee and Robert were both nominated],
& 10)
Veto Wins 3 (Weeks 4, 5 and 7)
Lowest Placing Member Justin Giovinco (7/13)
Highest Placing Member Robert Roman (3/13)

The Three Stooges (also known as The Dream Team) was an alliance created during Big Brother 4. It consisted of Jee Choe, Justin Giovinco and Robert Roman.


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Square-Jee Choe
Square-Justin Giovinco
Square-Robert Roman



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Square-Alison Irwin
Square-Dana Varela
Square-Jun Song


The alliance faced early success overtaking the massive Elite Eight alliance from Weeks 2 to 5 with the addition of their affiliates. Throughout the season, the alliance won 4 of the 9 regular HOHs and managed to win 3 POV's making them a powerful force. However, Justin was evicted Week 6 , Jee was targeted in Week 8 and Robert became the last member standing until he was eliminated in the Final 3.


The Thee Stooges was formed officially in Week 2, when Jee Choe won HOH. On Day 1 of Big Brother 4, five "exes" entered the house as part of The X Factor. The exes found themselves being targeted from Day 1, which resulted in the first two evictees being exes. Jee Choe, Justin Giovinco and Robert Roman all formed a very close friendship with one another as they became the outcasts of the house. Despite being targeted, they managed to have a four week power run even with their affliates. In Week 2, Jee won the HOH competition but was blinded when the rival alliance, Elite Eight voted to evict Michelle as opposed to Eric. However, They managed to regain control of the house however when Justin convinced Dana in Week 3 to nominate Allison and Jack, which later culminated in David's eviction after Nathan used the Power Of Veto to save Allison. In Week 4, Allison struck a deal with Justin to not nominate him if he promises to vote out Dana. He unwillingly agrees to do so despite being in a showmance with her. In Week 5, Justin managed to win the HOH competition and nominated Nathan and Jack. That same week, Robert won the POV and kept the nominations in tact, which later resulted in Nathan being evicted in a unanimous vote of 5 to 0.


The alliance fought for its survival each week, as they were constantly being targeted. In Week 6, Erika Landin nominated two members of the Three Stooges for eviction. This ultimately resulted Justin Giovinco being evicted and finishing in seventh place. In Week 7, Jee Choe put a major target on his back; this was after he accepted the POV and put everyone, except for himself, on PB&J for one week and after he won a luxury competition in the same week which granted him a meal from McDonald's each day. The following week Jee was evicted from the house by a unanimous vote over Robert Roman. Robert managed to reach the Final 3, but failed to win either Part 1 or Part 2 of the final HOH competition. He finished in 3rd place after Alison Irwin decided not to take him to the Final 2. The Stooges voted Jun Song to win shortly after Robert's eviction.

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