Winners (US)
Big Brother Gameplay
Description The person who has earned the highest number of votes from the jury or America.
Appearance(s) Every season
The Winner is the player who has been awarded the victory of Big Brother (U.S.), out of the Final 2 by The Jury, or out of the Final 3 by America.


There are no formal constraints on the rationale that jury members may employ in choosing the winner of Big Brother. The only built-in requirement of eligibility for the title is to make it to Finale night and be eligible for voting. In seasons with a Jury, voting takes place between the 2 contestants left standing, but in seasons where America votes for the winner, they vote between the 3 remaining contestants.

At the Live Finale, the finalists are subjected to interrogation by the jury, who may ask any questions or make any statements that they feel will help them make the best decision possible. As there is no objective definition of 'best' in this case, the methods by which contestants have won the game, and the reasons adopted by jury members in voting for them, have varied widely throughout the history of the series.

It should be noted that in the game of Big Brother likeability and respect are not always fungible qualities. In some cases, the winner may have played a game strategically dominant enough to overcome the fact that other finalists were more likeable. At other times, the opposite may be the case, and a more sociable player may win due to the quality of their personality even in the presence of a more strategically "active" but socially inept competitor. It is up to the idiosyncratic interpretation of the jury to determine who has played the best game and it is up to each finalist to present a compelling argument in their own favor, emphasizing their strengths and eliding their weaknesses, at Finale.


The winner receives a check of $500,000 (or $250,000 during Big Brother: Over The Top and Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US)), to be received after the season finale. The winner also gets to take home any other prize money they have won throughout their time in the game, via rewards and luxury competitions. However, making it to the Final 2 forfeits the stipend they received as payment for playing in the season, leaving them only with the grand prize money, and any other addition winnings they earned. Winning the game also forfeits the chance to win America's Favorite Houseguest.

List of Winners

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Jury Vote
Big Brother 1
Eddie McGee
Josh Souza 59%-27%-14%
Curtis Kin
Big Brother 2
Square-Will Kirby-0
Will Kirby
Square-Nicole Nilson Schaffrich-0
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich 5-2
Big Brother 3
Lisa BB3-0
Lisa Donahue
Danielle BB3-0
Danielle Reyes 9-1
Big Brother 4
Square-Jun Song-0

Jun Song

Square-Alison Irwin-0
Alison Irwin 6-1
Big Brother 5
Andrew Daniel-0
Drew Daniel
Michael -Cowboy- Ellis
Michael Ellis 4-3
Big Brother 6
Maggie Ausburn
Ivette Corredero 4-3
Big Brother All-Stars
Mike Boogie Malin-1
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Erika Landin AS-0
Erika Landin 6-1
Big Brother 8
Dick Donato
Daniele Donato 5-2
Big Brother 9
Bb9 adam 240-0
Adam Jasinski
Bb9 ryan 240-0
Ryan Quicksall 6-1
Big Brother 10
Dan Gheesling
Square-Bb10 memphis-0
Memphis Garrett 7-0
Big Brother 11
Jordan Lloyd
Natalie Martinez 5-2
Big Brother 12
Square-Hayden Moss-0
Hayden Moss
Square-Lane Elenburg-0
Lane Elenburg 4-3
Big Brother 13
Rachel13 (square)-0
Rachel Reilly
Porsche Briggs 4-3
Big Brother 14
Ian Terry
Dan Gheesling 6-1
Big Brother 15
Andy Herren
GinaMarie Zimmerman 7-2
Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur
Cody Calafiore 7-2
Big Brother 17
BB17 Steve
Steve Moses
BB17 Liz
Liz Nolan 6-3
Big Brother 18
Nicole Small 2016
Nicole Franzel
Paul Small 2016
Paul Abrahamian 5-4
Big Brother: Over The Top Morgan Small OTT Morgan Willett Jason Small OTT Jason Roy N/A
Kryssie Small OTT Kryssie Ridolfi
Big Brother 19
BB19 Small Josh
Josh Martinez
BB19 Small Paul
Paul Abrahamian 5-4
Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US)
CBBUS1 Small Marissa
Marissa Jaret Winokur
CBBUS1 Small Ross
Ross Mathews 6-3


  • In every season to feature a male-female Final Two, the male HouseGuest has won, up until Big Brother 18, where Nicole Franzel beat out Paul Abrahamian by one vote. She would later be followed by Morgan Willett, who beat Jason Roy, in a vote that was dubbed as extremely close. Marissa Jaret Winokur would follow them when she beat Ross Mathews on the first Celebrity Big Brother.
  • There have been 13 men and 8 women who have won Big Brother.