Young Grasshoppers
Young Grasshoppers
Season Big Brother 15
Members GinaMarie Zimmerman
Howard Overby
Andy Herren
Kaitlin Barnaby
Spencer Clawson
Judd Daugherty
Defectors Howard Overby
Judd Daugherty
Spencer Clawson
HOHs 7
Times Nominated 19
Veto Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member Kaitlin Barnaby (13/16)
Highest Placing Member Andy Herren (1/16)

Young Grasshoppers was an alliance in Big Brother 15.




During Week 4, Howard, Spencer, Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie formed the Young Grasshoppers Alliance while having a late-night game conversation in the HOH Room.  


As a way to take back power in the house Howard, Spencer, Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie decided to band together the outsiders and form an alliance strong enough to flip the script on the current powers of the house.  They also agreed that Judd and Howard would talk to Jessie and Candice, respectively, to ensure having enough votes on their side.  

Falling Apart

Later that week, Judd stayed loyal to The Goof Troupe Alliance and The Knockouts Alliance and betrayed the Young Grasshoppers Alliance and leaked information on the formation of it.  This caused a huge controversy in the house and everyone in Young Grasshoppers were called out for forming a secret alliance.  Everyone vehemently denied any and all accusations of the secret alliance.  Candace is the only HG that does not know this was not a rumour.  Candace then revealed that Elissa told her that Amanda had started the rumour to turn everyone against the accused members and word had started to spead quickly. Later that week Kaitlin was voted out by a 9-0 vote and later in the night Aaryn won her second HOH and nominated Howard and Spencer.


In week 4, after Kaitlin was evicted since the members voted her out the alliance was no longer together.


In Week 9, the alliance could be considered revived as Judd, Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer formed a new alliance called The Exterminators.


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