Zingbot Competition
Zingbot Comp
Big Brother Recurring Competition
Description A themed competition where the Houseguests compete to The Zingbot's need.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 12 - present

Zingbot Competition known specifically is a recurring Power of Veto competition.


Big Brother 12

Big Brother 13

Big Brother 14

Big Brother 15

Big Brother 16

Big Brother 17

Big Brother 18

Big Brother 19


List of the Zingbot Competitions

Season Week Name Variant Winner
12 6 "Zingbot 3000"
Ragan Fox
13 7 "Bride Of Zingbot"
Jeff Schroeder
14 5 "Birth Of Zingbot"
Frank Eudy
15 9 "Happy Zing Day"
Amanda Zuckerman
16 8 "Zingbot Reboot"
Frankie Grande
17 9 "Newly Zingle"
Vanessa Rousso
18 8 "Zingbot for President"
Victor Arroyo
19 8 "Home Zing Home"
Jason Dent


Big Brother Recurring Competitions
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